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Emergency Survival Kits And Survival Gear For The Disaster Concious Individual.

Emergency Survival Kits Provide Basic Necessities After a Disaster!

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Emergency Survival Kits can save lives…..period. Your life could be turned upside down in a matter of minutes. Do you have an emergency kit on hand to help you and your loved ones?

Natural and manmade disasters such as, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tidal Waves, Earthquakes, and Terrorist Attacks can strike quickly and often without warning! 

These devastating disasters leave our families without a roof over our head, water, food, electricity, gas, and telephone service. Life as they know it is gone.... for awhile.

There may be mental trauma from loss of friends or loved ones. In times like these we must keep our bodies healthy to fight off stress and sickness. 

We must take it upon ourselves to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

It is too late to gather supplies when the warning sirens go off! Prepare For Disaster
with an
Emergency Survival Kit!

Emergency Survival Kits are designed to provide basic necessities,

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter

There are should be enough supplies for approximately 72 hours or 3 days after a disaster for each person in your household. (don't forget to provide for the family pets)

During that 72 hours Government and Volunteer Services will be working around the clock, but realistically, it takes time to effectively organize and deploy response teams.

These things take time. Let me say that again, “These things take time.”

The larger the scale of the disaster, the longer the response time will be.

You and your family may be on your own for awhile, possibly scavenging for a morsel of food or a cup of dirty water.  

We must take responsibility for ourselves and the ones we love.


  Save yourself from the agony of watching your loved ones go without! Prepare For Disaster with an Emergency Survival KitPREPARE FOR DISASTER!

Get an Emergency Survival Kit BEFORE You NEED an Emergency Survival Kit!

F4 TornadoSurvival Kits are one of those household items that either you have it when you need it or you don't.  

Let me ask you this…..

Would you go out and purchase a fire extinguisher when you see a fire spreading in your home?

Off course you wouldn't!
You need to purchase a fire extinguisher before a fire starts burning your house down.

An Emergency Survival Kit is the same way. You need to have a Survival Kit before an F4 Tornado starts to head your way! 

Yes, I know the chances of a disaster striking tomorrow are slim to none..... But...

It is far better to have a Survival Kit and not need it,
than to desperately need a Survival Kit and not have it.

You and your loved ones may be on your own for a while but they will not be hungry, thirsty, or out in the cold, because you invested in a Survival Kit. 

Why You Should Get OUR Survival Kits!

  • Provides Basic Necessities - Our Emergency Survival Kits are packed with adequate food, water, and other supplies that would actually assist in saving lives. Don't get caught unprepared!
  • Highest Recommendations - Our Emergency Survival Kits are produced following recommendations from the U.S. Coast Guard, F.E.M.A, and the Red Cross
  • Superior Value - Our Emergency Survival Kits include many important items that other kits do not. Some of these items include: 30 hour emergency candles, NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Masks, Swiss Army Style Knives, Hygiene Products, Survival Sleeping Bags, Entertainment Products and more.
  • Great Investment - Our Emergency Survival Kits are an Investment for the SAFETY of YOUR FAMILY! A small Investment now will pay HUGE Dividends when a Disaster Strikes. You and your family may be on your own for awhile but they will not be hungry, thirsty, or out in the cold.  
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Purchase with confidence knowing that in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied, simply return it.
  • Secure Online Processing – SSL Encryption Protocols. Have peace of mind knowing that your personal information is SECURE
  • UPS Package Tracking - Online package tracking lets you know where your package is located in the shipping process and when your package will be delivered.
  • Free Insurance - Receive FREE Insurance on shipping. Nothing says peace of mind like Insurance!
  • Self-Contained Unit - Our Emergency Survival Kits have everything you will need, in one place, in one bag, and ready to go when you are.
  • Saves You Time - Our Emergency Survival Kits saves you the time it would take you to go out, drive to a number of different stores, fight for parking, and purchase individual Survival Supplies.
  • Wide Selection - Survival Kits are not a "one size fits all". For that reason we provide a hand picked selection of emergency kits to suit your needs and the needs of your family. Click Here to View Our Selection of the Best Emergency Survival Kits

KitsForSurvival.com offers you the convenience of placing your order securely online in the comfort of your home and having UPS deliver your emergency survival kits to your front door.  It can’t get any easier than that to Prepare for a Disaster! 

Get the Best Emergency Survival Kit NOW and prepare for the harsh reality of survival that awaits after a disaster strikes! 


Our Survival Kits are NOT for Everyone!

Our Survival Kits are designed for the Disaster Conscious Individual.

This exceptional individual seeks to provide sustenance for his/her family during and after a disaster.

Listen, if you believe that disasters won't happen in your area, or you believe that government response teams will be on the scene immediately, after a disaster strikes like a 911 call, then Emergency Survival Kits are not for you. 


If you are that Disaster Conscious Individual. You will Discover that Survival Kits are exactly what You Require for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

  Order YOUR Survival Kit Today BECAUSE It Is Our Responsibility To Prepare For DISASTER!


Above all else, Choose to be PREPARED! Get your hands on a survival kit for each member of your family. Yes, get a survival kit for the family pet too!

If you have any questions on where to begin or what to pack, please email us at info@kitsforsurvival.com. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you and your family prepare for disaster!

Remember...It is far better to have an emergency survival kit and not need it than to
need an emergency survival kit and not have it.

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