8 Unusual Survival Weapons to Defend Your Family and Your Home

torchWhen the SHTF, having survival weapons and knowing how to use them will significantly increase your chances of keeping your loved ones alive. When disaster strikes, law and order become non-existent. Honest people turn into criminals overnight when scarcity of food and water become evident.

You have been diligent. You have stored food, water, and other supplies in case of such a disaster. Even if you have told no one about your stockpile, eventually people will find out, and you will become their next target.

In a crisis, there will be the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.” The “Have Nots” will always try to take from the “Haves” in the name of Fairness. They’ll take all your food stockpile, steal all your possessions from you, take your money – and in many cases, you and your family will be victims of physical assault. You are the only thing standing between the “Have Nots” and your family.

While firearms are the weapons of choice to protect your home, they aren’t the only thing you can use. Almost anything can become a weapon when the need arises. But to transform an everyday object into an effective defense, you must have already thought about how you will use it so that you’re ready when the time comes.

Unusual Weapons for Survival

  1. Wasp Spray. This irritant has one significant advantage over pepper spray. To use pepper spray to defend yourself, you have to let the attacker get within about three feet. Wasp spray is for use at a distance of about 20 feet. That means you attack your assailant before he gets close enough to do you any harm.
  2. Sonic Weapons. Sonic weapons were first developed for use in keeping modern pirate ships away. Some merchantmen and even U.S. Navy ships have them. You can buy small, battery-powered sonic devices for use at home. When activated, they produce a sound that either makes the attackers nauseous or afraid. Either way, the effect makes it harder for someone to attack.
  3. Tactical Light. Many modern tactical lights are bright enough to stun, fending off an attack momentarily. Some even have a strobe mode, where they will flash rapidly, temporarily blinding and disorienting the attacker. While this won’t work as a permanent defense, it can give you the moment you need to grab a better weapon.
  4. Flare Gun. A flare gun makes an excellent terror weapon, although it probably shouldn’t be fired indoors. The flare is fired out of a unique 12-gauge shotgun shell, looking like a fireball. That’s enough to stun anyone—even those who think that they are brave enough to charge into firing guns. There’s just something about having fireballs shot at the face that scares people. The flare gun itself is usually orange plastic, so paint it black to make it look more like a “real” gun.
  5. Dogs. Large dogs can attack and defend your home when adequately trained. Even people whare trained in the use of weapons, will not know what to do when a dog attacks them. Dogs move so quickly that they are hard to fight. They can often chase off an attacker while you watch from a safe distance.
  6. Caltrops. The caltrop is an ancient defensive weapon developed initially to ward off cavalry charges. It is a four-pointed star configured in such a way that, no matter how it falls, one of the points is always facing up. If a horse should step on a sharp point, it will cripple him. They work just as well against people, mainly when scattered in your yard under your windows. Anyone who wants to break in through the window will likely step on one, hurting themselves severely.
  7. Torch. A torch is a terror weapon. As with the flare gun, people naturally try to avoid getting burned. They will usually pay so much attention to what you are trying to do to them with the torch that they’ll forget to attack you, even if they have the upper hand.
  8. Pressure Washer. If you have a pressure washer, you can use it as a non-dangerous weapon. The high-pressure water makes it hard for an attacker to do anything, let alone effectively attack you. Adding a chemical irritant at the soap injector will make it even more useful.

The Bottom Line

The biggest reason to have a variety of survival weapons available to you is that you don’t know when an attacker might try and gain entrance to your home. Even if you have a concealed carry license and develop a habit of going around armed, there will always be a time when you aren’t. Should an intruder come into your home while your guard is down, you may not be able to get to your gun.

You must be prepared with a variety of survival weapons, scattered throughout your house, to defend yourself and your loved ones. Let’s be real here for a moment. A desperate person intent on causing harm to your loved ones won’t care what he (or she) has to do to kill you and get you out of his way, period. Your ability to defend your home with unusual survival weapons may be all that keeps you and your family alive.